Casper is a robot whose main goal is to be an interface between users and web services.

Where smartphones use touching and passwords, Casper uses mainly its sight and oral communication. Indeed, we can interact with Casper in different ways :
  • Sight : Casper uses a webcam which is used to detect, recognize and track users.
  • Voice : Casper uses audio in and audio out devices to communicate with users. It can perform text-to-speach and recognize user's vocal commands.
  • Gestures : Casper looks like an articulated arm that can be directed towards any point of a half-sphere. This allows it to follow a user on 360° and to perform gestures such as dancing, saying "no", saying "yes"...
  • Display : Casper has a LCD screen on his "head" which is used to display pictures or text. It is used mainly to display pictures such as smileys to express its mood or a picture of the current user it recognized.

  • Scripts : what makes Casper evolutive is that its behaviour is driven by scripts. Any user can load into Casper his own script. To read them, it uses a Lua engine.
  • Http server : In order to add new users and new scripts one can access Casper's remote http interface.
We are currently building and programming Casper for a student project called ROSE 2011. ROSE 2011 is a class of the French engineering school Telecom ParisTech.

You can find out other ROSE2011 project on the class' website :